Talisman And PureAir


       The quality of the air we breathe has an undeniable impact on our lives! Our devices make your environment safer and assure that your health is protected. UV-C light has been known for decades for its qualities to destroy micro-organisms, pathogens, and viruses and it is especially effective against Covid-19. UV-C light destroys the outer protein coating of the Coronavirus leading to the inactivation of the virus. For this reason, UV-C lamps are often called “germicidal”. Our professional and highly efficient devices utilize a powerful 95 Watt UV-C Ozone-Free light source by PHILIPS. The advantage of Talisman and PureAir is their high capacity (120m3/h) and high reliability. Talisman and PureAir operate without need supervision, they are safe to be used in the presence of humans as the UV-C light source is fully enclosed. Talisman and Pure Air are highly portable and can be easily moved.

Enjoy air, breathe safe!

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