Quantum Medical Talisman & PureAIR – Working Principal

✓  Unpurified air enters the device through metal PREFILTERS (located in the lower back of the device) by means of two fans (located in its upper part). PREFILTERS with extremely high efficiency are used to capture solid particles, they are also reusable and easy to clean.

✓  A TiO2 filter was added. (Only for PureAir)By means of photocatalysis which is a result of irradiating the filter with UV-C light, the TiO2 filter additionally helps to enhance the performance of the device and radically improves air quality by reducing odours anddestroys microscopic particles that can lead to disease.

✓  The unpurified air is passing through a special sterile disinfection chamber (made of stainless steel) where it's being irradiated with a powerful 95W UV-C source by PHILIPS. In this process, UV-C damages the protein structure, causing metabolism disorders. As a result, DNA/RNA is chemically altered, organisms CANNOT metabolized and reproduced, CANNOT cause disease. At this point, the air is disinfected.

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